DCMTK modules

The DCMTK is functionally structured into so-called modules. For each module there is a directory in DCMTK's main directory.

These are the modules of the public DCMTK toolkit (version 3.6.0):

  • config: Module for configuring compilation of DCMTK
  • ofstd: General purpose library including string class, etc.
  • oflog: A logging library based on log4cplus
  • dcmdata: Module for reading, modifying and writing DICOM data structures
  • dcmimgle: Module for processing DICOM images (grayscale)
  • dcmimage: Module for processing DICOM images (color)
  • dcmnet: Module for the DICOM network protocol
  • dcmqrdb: Module providing a simple test PACS
  • dcmsr: Module implementing DICOM Structured Reporting (SR)
  • dcmwlm: Module implementing a DICOM worklist server
  • dcmjpeg: Module implementing a DICOM JPEG codec
  • dcmjpls: Module implementing a DICOM JPEG-LS codec
  • dcmpstat: Module implementing DICOM Presentation States
  • dcmsign: Module implementing DICOM signatures etc.
  • dcmtls: Module implementing secure networking for DICOM
  • docs: Module containing some general documents about DCMTK
  • doxygen: Module for generating API documentation with doxygen

Documentation on the DCMTK is available online.


This image illustrates the dependencies between the public modules (as of DCMTK 3.6.0):

The image was generated by parsing DCMTK's source code with this script. More information about it can be found there.

module_dependencies_2011.png View (70.3 KB) David Lienau, 2012-10-16 15:28