This Wiki is going to contain documentation for the DICOM Toolkit DCMTK maintained by the OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology.

The OFFIS DICOM team is providing this wiki for informational purposes - of course we cannot guarantee that all information is correct. If you find any errors, feel free to report them to our team. Even better: Go get an account and enhance the text yourself. :-)

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Organization of Wiki

The Wiki is organized using the following structure:

Many of those "chapters" are separate Wiki namespaces. If you create or edit pages, please read the Wiki documentation first on how to do that.

DCMTK Online Documentation

In case you have further questions regarding DCMTK or other OFFIS DICOM tools, please use the public discussion forum. There is also an FAQ.

Editing and commenting the Wiki

Feel free to create, edit or comment pages in this Wiki to help us building a large collection of DCMTK documentation. For anti-vandalism reasons, it is necessary to register to this Wiki (it's readonly for anonymous users). Therefore, please send an email to dicom/at/offis/dot/de including your desired user name. We will then create an account and send an initial password to your email address.