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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
711FeatureNewNormalAdd new --socket-timeout option to all networking tools2017-12-12 14:41
372BugNewNormalDoxygen API-Documentation incomplete/erroneous2017-12-07 11:59
373BugNewNormalissue with non-blocking select / read socket2017-12-07 11:59
386BugNewNormalCheck whether the VR-Scanner can manage UTF-8 and other MBCS2017-12-07 11:58
390BugNewNormalMemory leaks in storescu, findscu und Co.Sebastian Grallert2017-12-07 11:58
395BugNewNormalMore possible timeout problems in the networking module...2017-12-07 11:57
457BugNewNormalCheck whether Modality LUT Transformation should be applied2017-12-07 11:57
532BugNewNormalDoxygen: missing documentation for enums (e.g. DcmCloseAssociationType)2017-12-07 11:56
533BugNewNormalCheck bugs reported on Debian2017-12-07 11:56
542BugNewNormalClasses DcmSCU and DcmSCP are not only still experimental but lack a common "strategy"2017-12-07 11:55
564BugAssignedNormalRT objects with extended characters (e.g. UTF-8) cannot be read -- probablyJörg Riesmeier2017-12-07 11:55
565BugAssignedNormalsetXXX() method should consider the SpecificCharacterSet valueJörg Riesmeier2017-12-07 11:54
568BugNewNormalOutput of getDecompressedColorModel() is not very useful (in case of error)Jörg Riesmeier2017-12-07 11:54
583BugNewNormalFix support for JPIP transfer syntaxes2017-12-07 11:53
612BugNewNormalWildcards in Patient Name (Person Name?) Matching2017-12-07 11:52
618BugAssignedNormalAssocation aborted due to network timeout in storescpJörg Riesmeier2017-12-07 11:51
653BugNewNormalUse EWM_createNewMeta as the default for saveFile() and write() method?2017-12-07 11:51
759BugNewNormalundefined behaviour warning in ijg JPEG code2017-12-07 11:48
761BugNewNormalConfigure test for HAVE_STREAMBUF_H is missing2017-12-07 11:48
764BugNewNormalsscanf() does not support integer variables of a specific size2017-12-07 11:46
787BugNewNormalDCMTK 3.6.2 compilation fails when creating static binaries due to libxml2 dependency2017-12-07 11:44
798BugNewHighselect() crashes on Linux when handling more than 1024 parallel network connectionsMarco Eichelberg2017-12-07 11:43
793BugNewHighoverflow error in calculation of decompressed image sizeMichael Onken2017-12-07 11:43
758BugNewHighOFVector needs to seperate allocation and element constructionNikolas Goldhammer2017-12-07 11:41
429BugNewNormalDoxygen API documentation for Windows2017-12-07 11:13
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