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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
182FeatureNewNormal"errorFlag" in DcmObject entfernen bzw. konsistenter verwenden2002-12-04 00:00
403FeatureResolvedNormalAbgleich mit neuester CharLS-Version2017-03-24 12:43
233FeatureNewLowAdd "delete" function to dcmqridx ("dbregimg") tool2005-11-04 00:00
650FeatureNewNormalAdd CRL related command line options to DCMTK network applications2017-03-24 12:49
214FeatureNewLowAdd Freetype2 support to dcmimage/dcmimgle2013-10-24 10:08
754FeatureNewNormalAdd OFerror_condition an replace platform specific error constantsNikolas Goldhammer2017-05-02 16:59
709SupportNewNormalAdd an online code review system to process volunteer contributions2017-01-02 17:27
601FeatureNewLowAdd automatic decompression feature to storescu2014-07-14 15:15
677FeatureNewLowAdd dedicated support for "Key Object Selection Document" (TID 2010)2016-01-27 12:05
656FeatureNewNormalAdd further UID prefixes?2015-09-02 11:54
700FeatureNewNormalAdd helper methods that returns type of SOP Class2016-10-31 11:32
733ConformanceNewNormalAdd minimal support for Frozen Draft of Supplement 147: Second Generation Radiotherapy - Prescription and Segment Annotation2017-03-20 17:38
711FeatureNewNormalAdd new --socket-timeout option to all networking tools2017-12-12 14:41
795FeatureNewNormalAdd option --frames-in-memory to command line tool dcm[j]2pnm2017-09-29 10:47
558FeatureNewNormalAdd promiscuous mode to movescu2013-10-08 20:09
521FeatureNewNormalAdd rename-after-sending option for storescu2017-03-24 12:44
259FeatureNewNormalAdd specific pseudo-VRs for ACR-NEMA attributes2007-01-12 00:00
770FeatureNewNormalAdd support for "Safe Private Attributes" (PS3.15), e.g. to dcmodify2017-06-29 14:06
598ConformanceNewLowAdd support for CP-1222: Amend DIMSE Service status codes2017-05-22 10:05
642ConformanceNewNormalAdd support for Supplement 186: Extensible SR Storage SOP ClassJörg Riesmeier2016-10-27 13:32
573FeatureNewLowAdd support for Timezone Offset From UTC (0008,0201)2013-10-29 10:14
712FeatureNewNormalAdd support for configurable socket send and receive timeout to DcmSCP and DcmSCU2017-01-19 17:14
616FeatureNewNormalAdd support for floating point pixel data (Supplement 172)2014-12-01 12:46
563FeatureNewNormalAdd support for missing sub-item types2013-10-18 15:36
636FeatureNewNormalAdd warning/hint to dcmtls about non-standard ciphersuites2015-04-17 13:03
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