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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
710BugNewLowMany warnings when compiling with "gcc -Wconversion"2017-05-22 10:04
709SupportNewNormalAdd an online code review system to process volunteer contributions2017-01-02 17:27
706FeatureNewNormalEnhance support for searching for private tags in a dataset2016-12-14 18:20
704FeatureNewNormalWorkaround for broken Clang 3.0-6.2 -fvisibility=hidden behavior2016-11-24 10:20
700FeatureNewNormalAdd helper methods that returns type of SOP Class2016-10-31 11:32
699FeatureNewNormalDCMTK Macros should start with prefixMichael Onken2016-10-27 10:07
698PatchNewLowTrying to link against the iconv library although it was disabledThorben Hasenpusch2017-03-24 12:49
697FeatureNewNormalimg2dcm does not support import of grayscale BMP images2016-10-21 14:00
695ConformanceAssignedNormalCheck whether Non-Patient Object Storage SOP Classes should be treated differentlyJörg Riesmeier2017-04-01 18:14
691FeatureNewNormalDUL parser should check for number of allowed items (e.g. 1 User Info item)2016-08-18 18:29
690FeatureNewNormalDCMJPEG and DCMJP2K should validate image dimensions and samples per pixel2017-05-16 17:12
685ConformanceNewLowCP-1539 extends the "Enhanced Encoding Mode" (Code Sequence Macro)Jörg Riesmeier2016-05-31 15:15
682ConformanceNewLowCheck whether CP-1529 (Private Creator once per group) requires any changes to "dcmdata"2016-03-21 12:21
679FeatureNewLowCurrent development version does not compile with Intel C/C++ compiler version 16.0.2Jan Schlamelcher2017-05-22 10:04
677FeatureNewLowAdd dedicated support for "Key Object Selection Document" (TID 2010)2016-01-27 12:05
676FeatureNewLowReplace all appearances of OFBool with bool2016-01-15 14:11
668FeatureNewLowAvoid Macro Naming Conflicts for DCMTK-defined Macros (HAVE_... and the like)2015-10-09 12:01
666FeatureNewNormalEnhance OFStandard helper functions that take more than one OFFilename instances as a parameter2015-09-22 21:29
662BugNewNormalInconsistent use of configure options/macros: with/without vs. enable/disable2017-03-24 12:49
661PatchNewNormalimg2dcm multi-frame support patchMichael Onken2017-03-24 12:49
659FeatureNewNormalParts of new DCMTK module "dcmiod" and "dcmfg" could be generated automatically2015-09-05 14:08
657FeatureNewNormalConcept for automatically created classes in dcmiod and dcmfg2015-09-04 12:23
656FeatureNewNormalAdd further UID prefixes?2015-09-02 11:54
653BugNewNormalUse EWM_createNewMeta as the default for saveFile() and write() method?2017-12-07 11:51
650FeatureNewNormalAdd CRL related command line options to DCMTK network applications2017-03-24 12:49
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