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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
742 SupportNewNormalURL of the git repository stopped working2017-03-28 18:30
741 BugNewLowSuppress LNK4217 warning about symbol _xmlFree on Windows2017-03-28 09:48
736 FeatureNewNormalMove generating arith.h from build time to configuration time under AutoconfJan Schlamelcher2017-03-23 11:46
735 FeatureNewNormalEnhance crosscompiling for Android documentationJan Schlamelcher2017-03-23 11:38
734 FeatureNewNormalEmit warnings when trying to put large DCMRT objects on the stack2017-03-23 10:55
733 ConformanceNewNormalAdd minimal support for Frozen Draft of Supplement 147: Second Generation Radiotherapy - Prescription and Segment Annotation2017-03-20 17:38
732 FeatureNewNormalclass DcmSCU needs callback for handling asynchronous N-EVENT-REPORT messages2017-03-20 10:07
729 SupportNewNormalRequest: Don't change the urls of snapshots once a new version is released2017-03-13 00:44
727 FeatureNewNormalCP-1603: Enhance Coding Schemes Table​... and introduce "Coding Scheme Resources​ Sequence​"Jörg Riesmeier2017-03-03 14:37
726 ConformanceNewNormalCP-1649: Clarify use of Other Patient IDs Sequence with Issuer and related Attributes as Query keys​2017-03-03 14:34
725 FeatureNewNormalCP-1625: Define Conformance for an All-SOP-Class Storage Server2017-03-03 14:05
723 BugNewNormalNewer versions of Doxygen require unique section labels throughout the DCMTK man pages2017-02-24 13:54
722 FeatureNewLowExport all (relevant) CMake options to "DCMTKConfig.cmake", some "newer" options are still missing2017-03-24 13:01
721 FeatureNewLowInconsistent use of ERROR and FATAL logger in command line tools2017-02-15 18:24
717 ConformanceNewNormalCP-1653: Clarify Photometric Interpretations Permitted for Decompressed and Compressed Transfer Syntaxes​2017-01-30 11:36
716 ConformanceNewNormalCP-1678: Use of JPEG Family Transfer Syntaxes rather than RLE for YBR_FULL​2017-01-30 11:08
715 BugNewNormalgethostbyaddr() is obsolete and should be replaced by getnameinfo()Thorben Hasenpusch2017-03-24 12:50
714 BugNewNormalgethostbyname() is obsolete and should be replaced by getaddrinfo()Thorben Hasenpusch2017-03-24 12:50
713 FeatureNewNormalTCP/IP and TLS Connection Parameters are not dumped for most networking tools2017-01-26 12:16
712 FeatureNewNormalAdd support for configurable socket send and receive timeout to DcmSCP and DcmSCU2017-01-19 17:14
711 FeatureNewNormalAdd new --socket-timeout option to all networking tools2017-03-24 12:50
710 BugNewLowMany warnings when compiling with "gcc -Wconversion"2017-03-24 12:59
709 SupportNewNormalAdd an online code review system to process volunteer contributions2017-01-02 17:27
706 FeatureNewNormalEnhance support for searching for private tags in a dataset2016-12-14 18:20
704 FeatureNewNormalWorkaround for broken Clang 3.0-6.2 -fvisibility=hidden behavior2016-11-24 10:20

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