From 2017-09-22 to 2017-10-21


15:18 dcmtk-3.6.2.tar.gz
Jörg Riesmeier
12:03 Bug #797 (New): DcmPixelItem::createOffsetTable() does not check for 32-bit integer overflows (an...
The implementation of DcmPixelItem::createOffsetTable() adds the size of the individual frames specified by the given... Jörg Riesmeier


20:50 Conformance #772 (Closed): Supplement 192: Protocol Approval Storage SOP Class (Final Text)
Closed with commit 1fcde11. At least there is now minimal support for the new SOP Classes. Jörg Riesmeier


18:07 Feature #779 (Closed): Refactor install directory structure variables (CMake)
Closed by commit #313899355b34f7f. Jan Schlamelcher


15:54 Feature #796 (New): Copy element value to another element (with a different tag)
It would be nice if one could copy the value of one DICOM element to another element (with a different tag), e.g. Req... Jörg Riesmeier


10:47 Feature #795 (New): Add option --frames-in-memory to command line tool dcm[j]2pnm
Converting very large multi-frame images with dcm[j]2pnm might fail because the main memory is exhausted. It would th... Jörg Riesmeier


21:06 Conformance #794 (New): Check whether CP-1691 requires an update of class CID4031e_CommonAnatomic...
This CP is already included in DICOM 2017d. Jörg Riesmeier
15:14 Bug #793 (New): overflow error in calculation of decompressed image size
DcmPolymorphOBOW::createUint16Array() can create an array of incorrect size when a parameter is passed that would cau... Marco Eichelberg


09:08 Conformance #792 (New): Implement support for the new TLS Security Profiles (Supplement 204)
Two new Secure Connection profiles are added to make DICOM consistent with the latest RFCs and best practices for TLS... Marco Eichelberg


17:46 Feature #791 (New): Make DIMSE_createFilestream more flexible
In the DCMTK forum (, user "DraconPern" writes:
I am running into ...
Marco Eichelberg
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