From 2017-02-28 to 2017-03-29


18:30 Support #742 (New): URL of the git repository stopped working
It used to be possible to clone the repository using either or git://, ... Waldir Pimenta
16:17 Bug #554: When OF/OD is mapped to OB, do we need to consider endianness?
We only map OF/OD to OB when reading a dataset in LittleEndianImplicit, i.e. in this case the OF/OD data will be kept... Marco Eichelberg
10:35 Feature #161 (Closed): Notizen zum Thema DCMTK und Multithreading
Remaining issues have been fixed by recent commit #a4a69b0167a08, other issues turned out to already have been fixed/... Jan Schlamelcher
09:48 Bug #741 (New): Suppress LNK4217 warning about symbol _xmlFree on Windows
The warning appears in a static compile (not DLL); in this case apparently the macro LIBXML_STATIC must be defined
Marco Eichelberg


19:31 Bug #600 (Closed): OFStandard::searchDirectoryRecursively() relies on undefined HAVE_READDIR_R
Closed by commit #a4a69b0167a08. Jan Schlamelcher
17:29 Feature #161: Notizen zum Thema DCMTK und Multithreading
The remaining issues are:
- rand -- may be ignored, since only unit tests -and ofuuid- are affected, where sec...
Jan Schlamelcher
12:16 Feature #630 (Closed): Create and document a method to enable exhaustive tests from within CMake
Closed by commit #3584ff6305e. Jan Schlamelcher


21:19 Feature #451 (Reopened): Use #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN when including <windows.h>
Recent commits (e.g. bfe495a, 16b0782 and 3332ea4) again include "windows.h" without defining WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN eve... Jörg Riesmeier


17:31 Conformance #578 (Closed): CP-143 disallows VR=US/SS for Palette Color LUT Data
Closed by commit d6cd428.
Marco Eichelberg
17:17 Feature #454 (Closed): Inappropriate default "data files path" in wlmscpfs
Closed by commit 7e43f5f. Marco Eichelberg
16:54 Bug #740 (Closed): Vulnerability in certificate verification code in dcmsign
Fixed by commit 3428613.
Marco Eichelberg
16:41 Bug #694 (Closed): Problems (again) with "dcmsr: EmptyItem" and building shared libraries...
Close by commit #4fd1d3875e03f3eb Jan Schlamelcher
13:52 Bug #408 (Closed): Warnings with VisualStudio (Windows) when building DLLs
Closed by commit #97d6fee689ab94f26 Jan Schlamelcher
11:47 Feature #454: Inappropriate default "data files path" in wlmscpfs
Set to "." Marco Eichelberg
09:49 Bug #740 (Closed): Vulnerability in certificate verification code in dcmsign
阮;琳琦 <> writes:
Recently We made a large scale security static analysis on several open sou...
Marco Eichelberg


11:46 Feature #736 (New): Move generating arith.h from build time to configuration time under Autoconf
To ensure arith.h always reflects the latest configuration settings, generating it was choosen to be at build time fo... Jan Schlamelcher
11:38 Feature #735 (New): Enhance crosscompiling for Android documentation
Cross compiling for Android isn't easy (lots of different versions, options and prerequisites). The documentation (cu... Jan Schlamelcher
10:55 Feature #734 (New): Emit warnings when trying to put large DCMRT objects on the stack
Depending on the used compiler/settings, putting some of the larger DCMRT object on the stack can lead to stack overf... Jan Schlamelcher
10:02 Feature #451: Use #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN when including <windows.h>
Was closed in commits #9f9d70dc5c93 and #d84184e83111ed (the latter not mentioning it though). Jan Schlamelcher


17:38 Conformance #733 (New): Add minimal support for Frozen Draft of Supplement 147: Second Generation...
Beginning of March 2017, Supplement 147 has been released as a "Frozen Draft for Trial Use". Minimal support (Storage... Jörg Riesmeier
10:07 Feature #732 (New): class DcmSCU needs callback for handling asynchronous N-EVENT-REPORT messages
All SCUs for DICOM services that use the N-EVENT-REPORT transaction need to be prepared to handle the receipt of "asy... Marco Eichelberg
09:20 Bug #458: Many warnings with Visual Studio 2010 Pro on Windows 7 (64 bit)
Fixed most warnings reported by VS2017 x64, which should also remove most of the warnings for VS2010 x64. Marco Eichelberg


16:03 Feature #451 (Closed): Use #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN when including <windows.h>
Closed in commit #9f9d70dc5c93. Jan Schlamelcher


17:29 Feature #537 (Closed): Removed deprecated OFauto_ptr (replace with OFunique_ptr )
Closed in commit #3a54504640c35. Jan Schlamelcher
11:17 Bug #628 (Closed): Warnings in vrscanl.c
While testing whether it is possible to disable the warnings by adding appropriate 'ofdiag' includes to the lexer fil... Jan Schlamelcher


18:42 Bug #658 (Closed): JPEG compression: Implement the 0xFF padding as per DICOM Standard
Closed by commit ea90014. Marco Eichelberg
15:41 Bug #651 (Closed): DCMTK Snapshots do not build on Mac (XCode) due to BUILD_DATE escaping
Fixed in commit #b0e51df2010 Jan Schlamelcher
11:16 Bug #718: OFStandard::atof() cannot handle NaN
Fixed in commits "#048b15696b8":;a=commitdiff;h=048b15696b81be817317b792ae77c76de3ca... Jan Schlamelcher
11:12 Bug #718 (Closed): OFStandard::atof() cannot handle NaN
Jan Schlamelcher
10:42 Feature #144 (Rejected): rework Makefiles based on GNU automake
Since the current plan is to fully move to CMake and give up autoconf, this will not be implemented. Rejecting.
Marco Eichelberg


18:25 Bug #389 (Closed): Compilation on Windows 7 with MINGW64
Jan Schlamelcher
18:19 Bug #593 (Closed): Lossy jpeg compression result changes since 3.6.0 stable.
Could not reproduce the problem with a freshly compiled DCMTK 3.6.0 vs. #8ed8c5385. It was most likely a problem with... Jan Schlamelcher
17:08 Feature #440 (Rejected): Don't install convenience libraries
As the comments by Uli Schlachter show, the patch introduces more problems rather than solving problems. Won't implem... Marco Eichelberg
16:17 Bug #628: Warnings in vrscanl.c
The flex skeleton file for C flex (not flex++) contains GNU Autoconf dependent code that is evaluated when compiling ... Jan Schlamelcher


18:38 Patch #520 (Closed): OFMutex very slow on Windows
Implemented by commit 5fe9660. Marco Eichelberg
00:44 Support #729 (New): Request: Don't change the urls of snapshots once a new version is released
This has surfaced as a problem for package managers such as Homebrew -- see for instance this discussion: https://git... Waldir Pimenta


17:53 Bug #586 (Closed): RUN_TESTS fails on Windows, if BUILD_APPS is set to OFF
Fixed by commit 6497d3036: I could not confirm that unit tests work under Linux if BUILD_APPS was set to "OFF", they ... Jan Schlamelcher
17:49 Bug #647 (Closed): RUN_TESTS should not be available in VisualStudio when BUILD_APPS is disabled ...
Fixed by commit 6497d3036: RUN_TESTS is still available, since potentially non-APP tests might be added in the future... Jan Schlamelcher
16:58 Bug #583: Fix support for JPIP transfer syntaxes
Update: the "funny" behaviour reported by Mathieu Malaterre is that storescu will read an image file in JPIP transfer... Marco Eichelberg
16:44 Bug #463 (Closed): Assumption of length field size in workaround for wrong attribute VR
It does not make sense to add command line options to tools other than dcmdump and dcmconv, which both support the --... Marco Eichelberg
16:18 Bug #686 (Closed): DCMTK handles files in GE private transfer syntax as LittleEndianImplicit
Closed by commit a6b7824.
Marco Eichelberg


14:37 Feature #727 (New): CP-1603: Enhance Coding Schemes Table​... and introduce "Coding Scheme Resour...
> Rationale for Correction:​
> Table 8-1 (Coding Schemes) in PS3.16 (Content Mapping Resource) lists the coding ...
Jörg Riesmeier
14:21 Conformance #726 (New): CP-1649: Clarify use of Other Patient IDs Sequence with Issuer and relate...
> Rationale for Correction:​
> When patients have multiple identifiers, particular in the context of cross-enter...
Jörg Riesmeier
14:05 Feature #725 (New): CP-1625: Define Conformance for an All-SOP-Class Storage Server
> Rationale for Correction:
> We need to minimize the impediments to deployment of new SOP Classes. One such imp...
Jörg Riesmeier


15:27 Bug #375 (Closed): Possibly incorrect output from "Responding AE Title"
This was only a "display problem". In the network module, the correct responding ae title was always set, based on th... Marco Eichelberg


15:14 New snapshot with enhanced character set conversion features
* On 2017-02-28, a new "snapshot": of the DCMTK has been made available. See CHA... Jan Schlamelcher


20:53 dcmtk-3.6.1_20170228.tar.gz
Eighteenth snapshot after DCMTK Public Release 3.6.0 Jan Schlamelcher
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