From 2017-04-29 to 2017-05-28


17:00 Feature #145 (Rejected): use GNU libtool for compiling if present on machine
Meanwhile CMake can be used to compile DCMTK with shared libraries; no need anymore to support GNU libtool. Won't imp... Marco Eichelberg
16:52 Feature #229: TIFF-LZW-Erkennung funktioniert nicht (auf Solaris 10)
The last patent affecting the LZW compression algorithm has expired in 2004. Therefore, there is no reason anymore to... Marco Eichelberg
16:47 Feature #743 (Closed): Remove support for GUSI (needed on classical "Mac OS" systems)
Closed by commit #d159059 (public modules) and #d98da79 (private modules). Marco Eichelberg


10:59 Conformance #756 (New): Update data dictionary, list of UIDs, code dictionaries, etc. for the rec...
DICOM 2017b has been released some days ago, so we need to update the DCMTK accordingly. Jörg Riesmeier


15:44 Bug #755 (Closed): Segmentation fault in empty DcmDataDictionary
The recently introduced configuration tests for correct implementation of various STL classes showed that the failing... Jan Schlamelcher


17:12 Feature #690: DCMJPEG and DCMJP2K should validate image dimensions and samples per pixel
I just received another bogus JPEG Baseline-compression DICOM image where the Photometric Interopretation says "MONOC... Jörg Riesmeier


17:10 Bug #674 (Closed): Implement DcmPolymorphOBOW::compare() and DcmPixelData::compare()
Fixed in commit e158fa. Michael Onken


17:01 Bug #393 (Closed): Usage of "errno" in Windows
Closed, since the remaining part of the problem has been added as a separate feature #754. Jan Schlamelcher
16:59 Feature #754 (New): Add OFerror_condition an replace platform specific error constants
Complete DCMTK implementation of <system_error> by implementing OFerror_condition compatible to std::error_condition ... Jan Schlamelcher
16:53 Bug #741 (Closed): Suppress LNK4217 warning about symbol _xmlFree on Windows
Closed by commit #d84f3a9651a68d65. Jan Schlamelcher
14:42 Bug #370 (Closed): Dcmdata creates wrong VR for some WaveformData elements
Closed by commit #33ec1ef2eddef9. Jan Schlamelcher


17:57 Bug #614 (Closed): Receiving a connection on Unix does not distinguish between errors and timeouts
Closed by commit #4185380.
Marco Eichelberg
16:56 Conformance #331 (Closed): Writing "large element values" with VR=UN in Explicit VR
Closed by commit #bb022b4.
Marco Eichelberg
16:55 Conformance #331: Writing "large element values" with VR=UN in Explicit VR
The attached sample file can be used to demonstrate the effect. This is an image encoded in implicit VR that has been... Marco Eichelberg
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