Bug #789

Unit test 'dcmnet_scp_no_term_notify_without_association' fails on Win32

Added by Marco Eichelberg 2 months ago.

Status:New Start date:2017-08-14
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Module:dcmnet Compiler:
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Unit test 'dcmnet_scp_no_term_notify_without_association' fails in DCMTK 3.6.2 release on Win32:

I:   Running test 'dcmnet_scp_no_term_notify_without_association'...
FAILED test 'dcmnet_scp_no_term_notify_without_association' at ..\..\..\source\dcmnet\tests\tscuscp.cc:334: scp.m_stop_after_timeout_result == OFFalse
FAILED test 'dcmnet_scp_no_term_notify_without_association' at ..\..\..\source\dcmnet\tests\tscuscp.cc:335: scp.m_notify_connection_timeout_result == OFFalse

This is one of the unit tests that are only run when --exhaustive is enabled.

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