DCMTK  Version 3.6.2
dcmimgle: an image processing library and utility apps

This module contains classes to access and render DICOM monochrome images. Support for color images is provided by the module dcmimage. Support for JPEG compressed images is provided by the module dcmjpeg.

The main interface classes are:


This module contains the following command line tools:


The following example shows how to load a DICOM single-frame monochrome image and render its pixel data:

DicomImage *image = new DicomImage("test.dcm");
if (image != NULL)
if (image->getStatus() == EIS_Normal)
if (image->isMonochrome())
Uint8 *pixelData = (Uint8 *)(image->getOutputData(8 /* bits */));
if (pixelData != NULL)
/* do something useful with the pixel data */
} else
cerr << "Error: cannot load DICOM image (" << DicomImage::getString(image->getStatus()) << ")" << endl;
delete image;

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