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DCMTK Documentation

This DICOM ToolKit (DCMTK) package consists of source code, documentation and installation instructions for a set of software libraries and applications implementing part of the DICOM/MEDICOM Standard.

DCMTK contains the following sub-packages, each in its own sub-directory:

Each sub-directory (except config) contains further sub-directories for application source code (apps), library source code (libsrc), library include files (include), configuration data (etc), documentation (docs), sample and support data (data) as well as test programs (tests).

To build and install the DCMTK package see the INSTALL file. For copyright information see the COPYRIGHT file. For information about the history of this software see the HISTORY file.

For answers to frequently asked questions please consult the FAQ. There is also a Wiki system where additional information can be found.

If you find bugs or other problems with this software we would appreciate hearing about them. Please send electronic mail to bugs/at/dcmtk/dot/org. Please try to describe the problem in detail and if possible give a suggested fix.

For general questions on how to compile, install or use the toolkit we recommend the public discussion forum.

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